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Patience and the fullness of time do more than force or fury.
Jean de la Fontaine

At Vent d’Aubrac, we are convinced that the most beautiful things take time.

Time to draw, cut, forge, quench, temper, shape, sculpt, engrave and assemble. Time to identify and work with exceptional materials. Time for precision and thoroughness. Time is the ally of perfection.

It echoes the ancestral tradition and know-how of the village of Laguiole where the eponymous knife was born. It resounds as a tribute to the millennial rocks of the Aubrac plateau. It gives talent its full measure.

The time spent forging each of our knives is the guarantee of their longevity.


The art and excellence of our master cutlery craftsmen have no limit but imagination.

Because a knife carries the soul of its creator, we propose you to shape a knife to your image.

Tailor-made creations for a unique exceptional piece whose history you write.


Memories of the past

In the 12th century, the monks of the Order of Aubrac developed the creation and production of cheese platters. Subsequently, chalets, small stone houses with slate roofs, used to house the shepherds in charge of monitoring herds and manufacturing cheese during the summer grazing and transhumance, took over, and are still present in the rough and wild landscapes of Aubrac.

In the summer, people could only carry with them small tools, solid and ready for all uses. The knife has become a tool, a companion for life, work, travel and prayer. That was when the tradition of the cross appeared, as lonely shepherds planted the blade of their knife on the bread and meditated over this impromptu oratory.

Vent d’Aubrac takes pleasure in perpetuating this summer tradition through these knives ornamented with a cross.