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Masters hands

Heirs of such a tradition and holders of an exclusive know-how, Jérôme Lamic and Jean-Michel Cayron, the Best Craftsmen of France specialized in high-end cutlery, are the “hands” of the Vent d’Aubrac House.

They are both guardians and guarantee the exceptional quality of the knives of the Company.

Jean-Michel Cayron

Best Craftman of France 2007 – 2011

Representative of the fourth generation of Laguiole residents, Jean-Michel Cayron was raised in the passion for the craft; a passion that has been passed on to him from an early age by his father, a mason. Immediately attracted to design and engraving work, he decided to perfect his art in the area of cutlery, a true field of expression for him.

He received his first title of Best Craftsman of France in 2007, followed by a second title in 2011 With over 22 years of experience, he wakes up every day with the same passion, along with the enthusiasm to pass on his know-how to younger generations.

Jérôme Lamic

Best Craftsman of France 2015

Son of a cutler, Jérôme Lamic developed a natural ease in the art of cutlery. However, only at the age of 19 did he decide to follow his father’s footsteps and develop his own talent. He then meets Jean-Michel Cayron, which becomes much more than a guide for him: a guru. In addition to a professional relationship, they are joined by a true friendship. A complicity that now translates into the creation of a four hands knife collection.

In 2015, he receives, in turn, the title of Best Craftsman of France being considered the youngest craftsman of France in the art of cutlery.

Michel Frayssou


“ Passion is a chance ”, such is Michel’s driving force for more than 25 years.

His passion is expressed under the Vent d’Aubrac banner as one of the pillars of the company.

He makes the damascus steel from which our blades are made. In the way of a puff pastry, Michel welds together several pieces of steel of different shades at the forge. The resulting piece of steel is then stretched with a pile hammer, folded and welded again until a block of several hundred layers is obtained. Damascus blades are born from this block.

Guillaume Frayssou


Son of Michel Frayssou, Guillaume Frayssou is just as passionate as his father. Deeply attached to his family roots, he is also one of the blacksmiths of the house Vent d’ Aubrac.

Michel and Guillaume trained several people in the ancestral art of forging. Like knives, it is important to ensure that their know-how lasts. Perfection takes time, and we are not talking about hours or even days. It is a duty to pass on these traditions to the next generations on which the heritage of the house depends.

A company of excellence

Under the direction of the two Best Craftsmen of France and the best blacksmiths, we keep an ancient tradition alive, the art of handmade custom knives. We develop our creations from exceptional materials, such as mammoth molars or ivory, amber, mother of pearl and meteorite. All the materials of animal origin comply with the standards of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Initially, we have the material, the metal, which we work on, bending it over and over, until it becomes an increasingly thinner, sleeker blade, a blade that expresses both the work of time and man’s know-how.

Our blades are manufactured in our forging workshop, with the Damascus technique, born in the East, dating back to over 2000 years. We possess a selection of high-quality hard and flexible steels.